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Please note that this video series is an ongoing process. All of the subjects below are completed. Much more to come including full step-by-step builds of the parts similar to the ones above (valve covers, water/fuel cell, intercooler, elbow, etc...).

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-Quick overhead panoramic view of shop with machinery list (part #'s included)

-Torch setup and tungsten shaping

-Basic welder setup (Syncrowave 180)

-Advanced welder setup parameters (Dynasty 350)

-Factors that determine what TIG welder you should buy

-Where to buy aluminum welding material (sheet, bar, tube, etc...)

-How to cut aluminum material

-How to properly clean aluminum material

-Welding exercise #1 weld puddles

-Accidentally touching the tungsten into the weld puddle or filler rod

-Welding exercise #2 weld beads with no filler rod

-Filler rod selection (size and type)

-Welding exercise #3 spot tacks with filler rod

-Welding exercise #4 weld beads with filler rod

-Welding exercise #5 butt welds

-Welding exercise #6 "T" welds (or inside corner welds)

-Welding exercise #7 Outside corner welds

-FREE VIDEO- how to fabricate a flask